¡Don’t go any further! This summer
you can find in Anaga anything you are searching.

Come and discover uncomparable shopping.


Anaga offers a wide range of unique opportunities in a magical environment. You can take public transport to explore from Los Campitos to Taganana, passing through Roque Negro, Casas de la Cumbre and Afur, among other beautiful spots.

After enjoying a walk surrounded by the most special nature, you can wander the charming streets and choose from among the many commercial options available to you. Anaga has veterinary clinics to take care of your pets as well as fashion shops to treat yourself with that well-deserved indulgence. There are shops, businesses and services for everything you could need or desire, from a makeover in the hairdressers to anything you fancy in the traditional and welcoming food shops.

The charm of the island can be experienced throughout all the trails of Anaga, where you can explore the fascinating ‘Enchanted Forest’ and then relax on Benijo Beach while enjoying the local flavours in one of the restaurants in the area.

If you enjoy sitting on a terrace in summer, there are many delightful options where you can savour local products while you enjoy magical views of the sea and the coast. Going for a stroll along Las Teresitas is also a typical Canary Islands activity, so visiting this place is always a great choice.

And what could be the best way to start? Why not go for a refreshing dip from the picturesque San Andrés Pier, enjoy an exquisite ice cream in one of its wonderful ice cream parlours, go for a wander to Las Teresitas and delight in the stunning views, or even explore and admire the remains of a beautiful castle.

Summer fills us with great energy to enjoy and experiment with life outside of our daily routine. Although Anaga has personal care centres to meet your needs, there are many other options that combine exercise, water and fun to enjoy the best experiences.

Water sports companies offer paddle surfing and exploring the sea by kayak, as well as tours of the fascinating underwater world with snorkelling.

For the perfect finishing touch to your day, there’s nothing better than enjoying a wonderful dinner with the best local products in one of the restaurants in San Andrés. Anaga is a place for everyone, as it offers all kinds activities for children, adults, young people and the elderly alike to enjoy. Each meander through its streets, each inspiring experience on its trails and each smile shared with the local people gives shape and soul to Anaga. Be a part of it… visit Anaga!

We remember the EDUSI Anaga territory in the Heart: district of Anaga, the neighborhoods of «Urbanización Anaga», «Barrio Nuevo» and «Barrio de la Salud»

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    Responsible consumption

    Keep all the documents that you are given when buying a product (ticket, invoice, etc.). They are essential for any change, return and to enforce the guarantee.

    Consume seasonal products. It’s good for your health, your wallet and the environment, while it favors the local economy.

    Make use of public transport to access the different areas of the EDUSI territory.

    Bring your bag from home, so you will contribute to reducing the consumption of plastic.